Hydrajaws M2008 Heavy Duty Pull Tester with 0-145kN Digital DS Gauge

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    The portable self-contained 145kN M2008 Heavy Duty Tester has been designed to meet the demand for proof load testing of larger construction fixings.

    A lightweight aluminium load spreading bridge has been designed specifically for the model 2008 tester and directs reaction loads away from the fixing, this combined with the tester weighs only 14kg. 

    The bridge is easy is assemble and adjust. Three fully adaptable telescopic lightweight aluminium legs offering 11 height positions are held in place with steel ball pins. The swivel feet offer 30mm of fine adjustment. The triangular shape bridge plate is deliberately offset to offer two different close to edge testing distances in relationship to the fixing under test. The tester can be secured to the bridge plate in these two positions with the supplied cap screws. Securing the tester to the plate is not crucial when the tester is being operated in a horizontal position however is essential when the tester is in a vertical position or inverted.

    The 400mm connecting drop rod with adjustable nut passes through the aperture in the tester and connects to the fixings under test below. The Model 2008 is supplied with 5 metric Threaded Adaptors M12, M16, M20, M24 & M30 for connecting to threaded stud. Imperial UNC equivalent threaded adaptors are available. A spirit level indicates the overall balance of the test rig. A 10mm eye hook is installed for attaching a lanyard as appropriate. Load application is achieved via a 22mm ratchet handle driving a hydraulic multiplier and the applied load is verified on a digital gauge which is integral with the tester. When the digital gauge is due for calibration simply unfasten 5 button head screws and remove the case cover to reveal the gauge and detach from the hydraulic coupling. 

    An optional heavy duty ringbolt clevis can be specified for testing large eyebolts, ringbolts and pad eyes. The M20 drop rod screws securely into the top of the clevis. 

    For testing Rebar, Hydrajaws can supply a range of optional adaptors. The aperture in the tester can accommodate 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm & 22mm rebar. 

    The foam filler can accommodate four Rebar adaptors.

    This compact design of tester and telescopic load spreading bridge is lighter and more convenient to apply than a separate hydraulic pump and cylinder arrangement. An optional wider span load spreading bridge is available however this is rated to 125kN only.

    See below for the list of contents supplied in this kit.

    Kit Contents

    • Model 2008 Tester Body

    • 0-145kN Dual Scale Digital Gauge

    • Offset Load Spreading Bridge with 10mm eye hook

    • 3 Telescopic legs with fully adjustable swivel feet

    • 5 Threaded Adaptors M20> M12, M16, M20, M24, M30

    • 400mm Connecting Rod M20

    • M20 Adjustable Nut

    • 24mm Ratchet Spanner

    • Spirit level

    • Allan Keys & spare screws

    • Carrying case

    • Full operating instructions

    • Calibration Certificate (Valid for 12 months)


    • Lightweight ( 8.5kg )

    • Compact and Portable

    • Aluminium off set triangular load spreading bridge with steel ball pins

    • Ease to adjust telescopic aluminium legs

    • Ratchet handle operation

    • Low handle effort to achieve load

    • Threaded adaptors available in sizes: M20>M12, M20>M16, M20>M20, M20>M24 & M20>M30

    • Equivalent UNC Imperial Threaded Stud Adaptors available

    • 0-145kN DUal Scale Digital Gauge

    • Hydrajaws calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)

    • Robust carry case with telescopic handle and wheels

    • Record results digitally using the Hydrajaws App and manage results and reports from a remote online dashboard!*

     *may require a subscription


    • Proof and failure load testing of most fixing types

    • High load expanding and resin anchors

    • Cast in sockets and channel

    • Holding down bolts for stanchion base plates

    • Base plate fixings for column lighting

    • Anchorage for crash barrier and safety fences

    • Anchorage for stadium crush barriers

    • Bridge parapet anchors