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Large Stock holding of traditionally rare materials - A4 stainless fixings, Rainscreen Slab and many other Facade related products available from stock.

Industry Experts

We are experts in Facade & Cladding fixings, fire barrier & insulation. Send us your problem projects, we like to solve!


Lot number traceability from the factory to the site. This means like unlike a lot of companies, you can actually make a claim from us if something goes wrong.


Testing, certification and details product data available on our website - perfect for specification work.

About Us

Not your average fixing company

Construction can be complex at times. Sometimes you just need a good listener to understand what the problem is in order to provide a solution. 

We work in partnership with you to make that happen.

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Product Consultation

Get expert advice on Rainscreen projects, practical advice on Fasteners, Fire Barrier and Insulation for Specifiers, Installers and end clients. We can help you with choosing and specification of Fixings, Fire Barrier, Insulation and other Rainscreen and Cladding project materials, how to specify and what to specify.

Anchor Proof Test - Performed to  BS8539:2012

Otherwise know as a "Pull out Test" or "Anchor Test", a proof test allows you to see how your chosen fixings perform when installed in your site substrate, don't leave the performance of fixings on a multi-million facade project to chance. Our CFA accredited team can visit your site and test a range of fixings to see which one best suits your needs.

Please ring us on +44 161 672 3333 to arrange one. We can help walk you through the steps of preparing site for our visit.

Alternatively, please fill out the contact form below or use the chatbox and we will get back to you with our availability. Or email us at info@certifix.co.uk

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Address: Certifix Ltd, Unit 4a Darklake View, Plymouth, PL6 7TL