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Initial Project Consulation

Grab 30 minutes with us for an initial project consultation. This is the initial step to take for us to help you with a project, with the information we can get in the first 30 minutes, we should be able to schedule another session where we can address any points which weren't covered in the initial consultation. We can help you with choosing and specification of Fixings, Fire Barrier, Insulation and other Rainscreen and Cladding project materials, how to specify and what to specify.

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Proof Pull Testing

Otherwise know as a "Pull out Test" or "Anchor Test", a proof test allows you to see how your chosen fixings perform when installed in your site substrate. One of our CFA accredited team can visit your site and test a range of fixings to see which one best suits your needs. Book online now. If you have not already called us about your project, please book an initial project consultation (which doesn't have to last the full 30 minutes) so we can find out more about your project and which fixings to bring along to test.

Once the proof test is complete we will send you a project report with details on each fixing tested - powered by HYDRAJAWS® and our in house reports team.

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