[59188] Plug S 16 H 135 R


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    Frame fixing with two-way expansion for fischer GS 12 standard scaffold anchoring for fixings in perforated brick and aerated concrete

    Unit of Measure Name: 50
    Internal Reference: 59188
    Load Table:

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    Terms & Conditions

    The fischer plug S 16 H R is an expansion plug made of high-quality nylon for holding the fischer eye bolt GS 12. The expanding wings prevent rotation and make assembly easier. When driving in the eye bolt, the expansion zone expands and anchor itself securely in the building material. For installations close to the edge, turn the plug so that the expansion force acts parallel to the edge.

    Product Features 

    • The ideal interaction of the scaffold eyebolt and plug allows for a high load-bearing capacity, thus providing increased safety.

    • The anchorage depth of 90 mm offers special advantages for anchoring's in perforated brick and aerated concrete.


    When combined with GS 12:

    • Façade scaffolds

    • Ropes

    • Chains

    • Trellises

    • Lighting

    • Clothes lines

    • Hanging baskets

    Building materials

    • GS 12 + S 16 H R suitable for:

    • Vertically perforated brick

    • Perforated sand-lime brick

    • Aerated concrete


    • In order to achieve the maximum load-bearing capacity, nylon plugs should only be used once.

    • Not suitable for swings, hammocks etc.