[539479] fischer Panel Anchor FZP II 15 x 15 M8 I

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    Concealed flush or stand-off installation solution with internal thread for natural stone façade panels. This technology can be used for both flush mounting of calibrated panels or reveal panels and to calibrate panel thickness tolerances caused by using the stand-off installation technology. Due to the integrated internal thread, there is no protruding external thread, allowing the panels to be prefabricated and transported securely. This improves the economic efficiency and flexibility of the system.

    Product Features

    • The adapted shape of the undercut anchor ensures a positive-locking attachment free from expansion pressure in a conical undercut drill hole.

    • The fixing of the undercut anchor is not visible on the exposed side, creating a visually attractive and consistent façade surface.

    • The anchor allows for higher pull-out loads, compared to commonly available systems.

    • The flush-mounted anchor allows for easy, economical construction of reveals.

    • Depending on the application, the user can choose between flush installation with an absolute anchoring depth, for instance for reveal panels, and stand-off installation technology with a constant remaining wall thickness that serves as a reference dimension to compensate panel thickness tolerances.

    • There is no protruding external thread, allowing a space-saving transportation of pre-fabricated façade panels.

    • Exterior façades

    • Interior façades

    • Façade reveals

    • Natural stone (>20mm)

    • ETA-11/0145

    • DoP 0261

    • DoP:0038