[522721] Zinc Steel Nylon hex flange frame fixing fischer SXRL 10 x 120 FUS


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    Safe multiple fixings of non-structural systems in concrete and masonry.

    Unit of Measure Name: 50
    Internal Reference: 522721
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     0161 672 3333

    Terms & Conditions

    The fischer frame fixing SXRL-FUS is supplied with a hex head screw for multiple fixings of non-load-bearing systems in masonry, concrete, and aerated concrete. The two expansion zones in the fixing induce forces equally into perforated masonry, these combine to form a long expansion element in aerated concrete and solid building material. The frame fixing with the safety screw made from zinc-plated steel is suitable for fixing indoors only.

    Product Features

    • The long expansion plug makes the SXRL an extremely versatile product.

    • Through the special geometry of the plug, the retention forces are evenly distributed in the drill hole.

    • Loads are applied evenly to the building material thanks to the fixing geometry. This means that the fillets are not destroyed in the case of thin-walled building materials.

    • Simple to assemble: Ribs prevent plug rotation during installation.


    • Façade, ceiling and roof substructures made of metal

    • Squared timbers

    • Joist hanger

    • Windows

    • Gates and doors

    • Blinds / folding shutters

    • Handrails

    • Wardrobes

    • Kitchen hanging cabinets

    • TV consoles

    • Shelves

    • Lighting

    • Motion detectors

    • Wall covering

    • Metal brackets

    • Metal supports

    • Guide rails

    • Cable ducts

    • Cable trays

    • Radiators

    • Beams

    Building materials 

    Approved for:

    • Vertically perforated brick

    • Aerated concrete

    • Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete

    • Perforated sand-lime brick

    • Thermal insulation blocks

    • Solid block made from lightweight and normal weight concrete

    • Solid brick

    • Solid sand-lime brick

    • Concrete ≥ C12/15

    Also suitable for:

    • Natural stone with dense structure

    • Solid panel made from gypsum


    • ETA-07/0121

    • DoP No. 0048

    • DoP No. 0092

    • DoP: 0152 


    • The SXRL is suitable for push-through installation.

    • In perforated brick masonry a force transmission that protects the substrate is guaranteed through the two expansion zones. The porous block fillets are not crushed by the second expansion zone an therefore serves to transmit the force.

    • In aerated concrete and solid building materials, the two expansion zones combine to form one long expansion element, thus providing for a uniform and flat distribution of the load into the substrate.

    • Countersunk head screws are recommended for fixing timber constructions. For metal constructions, plug with wide sleeve rim and hexagon head screws with moulded washer.