[518820] Chemical resin mortar capsule fischer FIS RSB 10 mini


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    The ideal solution for difficult conditions and installations with minimal waiting time.

    Unit of Measure Name: 10
    Internal Reference: 518820

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    The fischer resin capsule RSB contains a hybrid mortar based on styrene-free vinyl ester. The resin capsule is a system component of the fischer Superbond system for fixing in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The components are fixed using the fischer rod anchor RG M made of zinc-plated steel, made of stainless steel, and made of highly corrosion-resistant steel, as well as the fischer internal threaded anchor RG MI. The fischer anchor rod is set with the composite anchor setting tool through rotating and hitting motions using a hammer drill. The capsule is destroyed during the setting process, which mixes and activates the mortar compound. With the fischer Superbond resin capsule objects such as heavy-duty steel constructions, soundproof walls, and high racks can be fixed.

    Product Features

    • The pre-portioned resin capsule RSB is especially cost-effective for individual applications and overhead installations.

    • The ideal solution for difficult conditions and installations with no waiting time due to fast hardening: Approval-compliant processing down to -30°C, also approved for water-filled and diamond-drilled holes as well as for seismic applications in performance category C1 (only in conjunction with RG M).

    • For each diameter, up to three anchorage depths can be realised with the threaded rod RG M through a combination of the resin capsules RSB mini.

    • The use of the internal threaded anchor RG M I enables the surface-flush removal of the fixture and the reuse of the fixing point.

    • The angular threaded rod RG M can be set for light dynamic loads with the resin capsule system RSB in sizes M12, M16, M20 and M24 in stainless steel R with the fischer filling set.

    • Heavy steel constructions

    • Silo installations

    • Tall shelving

    • Sound barriers

    • Guard rails

    • Staircases

    • Building materials

    Approved for anchoring in:

    • Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked

    Also suitable for:

    • Natural stone with dense structure

    • ETA-12/0258

    • DoP 0191

    • DoP No. 0011

    • DoP No. 0111

    • ESR-3572

    • GS 3.2/11-243-2