Insulation support DHK 220

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    The fischer insulation support DHK is the economical plastic insulation support for soft insulation

    Unit of Measure Name: 100
    Internal Reference: 512154

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    DHK is knocked in the push-through installation using a hammer. When knocking in, the ribs expand in the drill hole and the DHK is ideally pressed in. The fischer insulation support DHK is suitable for anchoring insulating boards in solid and perforated brick, concrete, and aerated concrete.


    • The optimised geometry of the expansion section ensures a low anchorage depth and reduces the amount of drilling required.

    • Flexible pins in the plate area adapt to the insulating material and ensure a sustained contact pressure.

    • The simple hammerset installation allows for a quick installation process and thus reduces workload.

    • The colouring of the DHK means that it does not stand out on black clad insulating material in rear-ventilated façades.


    • To fix soft and pressure-resistant insulating materials in rear-ventilated façades, such as:

    • Mineral / glass wool

    • PU panels

    • Light building boards made of wood wool

    • Cork boards / coir matting

    • Polystyrene

    • Foam glass tiles 

    Building materials

    • Concrete

    • Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete

    • Vertically perforated brick

    • Perforated sand-lime brick

    • Solid sand-lime brick

    • Natural stone with dense structure

    • Aerated concrete

    • Solid brick made from lightweight concrete

    • Solid brick 


    • The DHK is set in push-through installation using a hammer.

    • The plate size of the insulation support is to be selected in line with the compressive strength of the insulating material: DHK 45 for pressure-resistant; DHK 90 for soft insulating materials.

    • The expansion of the ribs in the drill hole gives the DHK an ideal contact pressure.

    • Temperature range when installed: -40 °C to +80 °C.