[50258] Zinc threaded rod (resin stud) fischer RG M12 x 160


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    Fischer threaded rod FIS RG – the Zinc plated steel version. The RG is designed primarily for use with fischer resin capsules. It can also be used with FIS SB, FIS V Plus, FIS VL.

    Unit of Measure Name: 10
    Internal Reference: 50258

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    Terms & Conditions

    The fischer threaded rod RG – the Zinc plated, grade 5.8 steel variant – for internal use only, is approved for anchorage in cracked and non-cracked concrete, solid brick masonry, perforated masonry, and aerated concrete in combination with either mortar cartridges or injection mortars. The RG has an oblique edge and a hex drive head for quick installation with a pre-positioned mortar cartridge in a pre-drilled hole.


    • Approved for anchoring with Resin capsules RSB and RM II

    • Approved for anchoring with Injection mortars FIS SB, FIS EM, FIS EB, FIS V, FIS VL, FIS GREEN and FIS P Plus

    Building materials

    • In connection with the fischer resin capsules approved or suitable for cracked and non-cracked concrete

    • In connection with several fischer injection mortars approved or suitable for different building materials.

    • You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.


    • ETA-02/0024, ETAG 001-5

    • ETA-20/0603

    • DoP 0188

    • DoP No. 0007

    • DoP No. 0072

    • DoP No. 0094


    • Due to its oblique edge, the threaded rod RG M is particularly suitable for use in conjunction with resin capsules.

    • The threaded rod RG M is set using a hammer drill and the accompanying setting tool in rotating and hitting motions.

    • During setting, the oblique edge of the RG M destroys the capsule, and mixes and activates the mortar.

    • Use with injection mortar is also possible. Here, the threaded rod is manually inserted into the drill hole with a light rotating movement until it reaches the base of the hole.

    Documents for download

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    Installation Instructions

    ETA - Concrete Anchor - FIS V

    ETA - Concrete Anchor - FIS V Plus

    Declaration of Performance 1

    Declaration of Performance 2

    Declaration of Performance 3

    Declaration of Performance 4