Dartmouth House Toolbox Talk

Soft crumbly yellow London stock brick…with a very low compressive strength of around ~15 N/mm², which, compared with an engineering brick…≥ 125 N/mm²…this presented a real challenge to fix to!


Then there were invariables within the composition of brick itself, with around 20-25% of them being unusually soft and inconsistencies with the dispersion of aggregate throughout the brick during manufacture being evident during drilling. The low compressive strength of the brick combined with the inconsistencies within the composition of the brick, greatly reduced the fixings options available, eventually we found something that gave consistently satisfactory results in the areas tested!


The test methodology we used with the HYDRAJAWS LIMITED tested not only the strength of the fixings into the brick, it included the strength of the brick bond in the mortar, which was important to try and replicate a more realistic load of a single helping hand bracket fixing scenario.


We were back on site yesterday training fitters with a #ToolboxTalk to help ensure that the results achieved with the Hydrajaws are achieved in real life!


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Completed Project at RNLI Sennen Cove